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Asset Finance

Asset Finance

We can support you if you are looking to invest in new assets or we can assist if you are looking to release capital from existing assets with multiple assent finance solutions for you to choose from. There is no need to tie up valuable cash into assets that you could use to support your business.

Asset finance enables you to spread the cost of a purchase over a period of the asset. Funding could be available between 12 to 84 months with an amount up to and including multi-million pound transactions. Asset finance can be tax efficient, flexible and can protect your cash flow.

Solutions available:

Hire and Lease Purchase - This is the most recognised form of asset finance available and is used by both, individuals and businesses who wish to own assets. For this, a loan would be secured against the asset and then the loan is paid off in frequent instalments. Whilst paying the loan, you would have full use of the asset and once the loan has been repaid the ownership of the asset will be transferred.

Finance lease - The main difference between a finance lease and the hire purchase is, although you will have full use of the asset you will not have the ownership. This is due to the finance company owning the asset and the asset being rented to you over a period of time which is agreed. VAT will be payable on rentals and once the agreement reaches an end you would be able to retain the use of the asset by paying for a second rental for a period of time or the asset can be sold to a third party. Finally, the asset can just be returned to the finance company. Finance leasing could also be tax efficient as normally, rentals can be offset against any profits which are taxable.

Operating Lease - This is a rental agreement used to finance a broad spread of business assets. The funder builds in a residual value to reduce rentals which could help your cash flow. Operating leases can be tax efficient as well, as normally rentals could be offset against taxable profits. Once the operating lease comes to an end, you would not have the responsibility of having to dispose of the asset - you just return this.

Refinance - Refinancing is a finance facility which would provide a simple way of releasing equity in already owned assets of assets coming to an end of their original finance agreements. Refinancing can also give a boost to the working capital requirements of your business allowing the funds to then be used for multiple reasons such as capital injection, business expansion, paying tax or reducing any existing finance agreements to reduce monthly outgoings. Refinance agreements are structured using either Hire Purchase or Finance lease agreements.

Assets that can be financed

  • Vehicles including cars, vans, HGV and bus/coaches
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Manufacturing and materials handling equipment
  • Transportation and haulage
  • Soft assets including computers, office equipment, telephone systems and software
  • Renewable energy equipment
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Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is primarily used for short term financing for your business. Bridging finance is used for various requirements and is used as a source of quick short term finance which is secured against a property. We offer whole of UK funder coverage and can support a single property through complex portfolio bridging finance solutions

Our panel offer bridging solutions on the following types of property throughout all commercial sectors:

  • Commercial property – Investment and Owner occupied
  • Semi commercial property
  • Residential investment property
  • Land purchases

Reasons for using Bridging Finance:

  • Cash flow injection for your business
  • Auction finance
  • Purchasing property that you can’t obtain a mortgage on
  • Light & Heavy refurbishment of property
  • Property development
  • Development exit
  • Timing issue between sale and purchase
  • Paying urgent debts
  • Buying land
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Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance

If your business operates in business to consumer sales, we understand that it can be challenging to secure the working capital required to run your business. If your business uses card terminals, with you collecting credit and debit card payments - you could secure a business loan based on the future receipts of your card terminals.

How it works

Your business would receive an agreed cash lump sum and this would then be repaid with an agreed percentage of future card receipts. Business cash advances can be used for various reasons such as investing in stock, new equipment, refurbishments or cash for seasonal trading

Some of the sectors supported

  • Retail including online
  • Hospitality – Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Car garages
  • Professionals – Vets and Dentists
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Business Loans

Business Loans

We understand that being able to access cash to fund your business is vital to helping it grow or helping to support through any difficulties you may face. We understand the difficulties business owners can face trying to access funds that they may need as well as the difficulties finding which is the best solution for them.

We offer UK wide coverage and we operate with mainstream and specialist providers. Whatever area you trade in we will have a working capital solution that will be suitable for your business. Use the above to contact us today to find out how we can help you and your business.

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured loans are being used more and more frequently for businesses looking for working capital. These loans are simple and quick to obtain and these are available to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies across the United Kingdom. Unsecured loans can be used by all business sectors for various business needs such as;

  • Working Capital
  • Professionals funding
  • Tax and VAT funding
  • One off business expenses
  • To purchase assets
  • To support expanding your business
  • Buying Stock
  • Restructuring debt.

Unsecured loans range from £5,000 to £500,00 with a maximum of 60 months to repay back. Security for the loan is usually by way of personal guarantee. There are also options available to those with any form of personal guarantee and to non-homeowners. We are able to raise unsecured loans for new start companies up to well established businesses with options available to either the business or the business owners that may have had previously difficulties in trading or may have impaired credit histories. With unsecured loans - approval can be done within minutes, with upon acceptance, funds being in your account within hours.

Secured Business Loans

Secured loans are available to support you and your business for various business requirements:

  • Working capital
  • Stock
  • Equipment purchase
  • Property purchase
  • Acquisition finance including MBO’s and MBI’s
  • Refinancing and restructuring.

There is an assumption that secured loans are only available when the lender only has a property they can use for security - funders will now consider alternative forms of security including plant & machinery, assets owned by the business such as cars, vans etc. (this has been changed from boats as i’m not sure how applicable that is). With a secured loan you are able to borrow between £25,000 and £5,000,000 for either starting up or for mature businesses across the United Kingdom. The loans are flexible and can offer interest only periods, extended pay-back profile and seasonal payments. Fixed rates are also available to help lenders effectively budget for the duration of the loan.

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If you are looking to raise finances to purchase a property for your business or investment purposes or looking to raise funds against a property already owned, then a commercial mortgage may be for you. We offer a range of market competitive commercial mortgage solutions to help and support your business.

We also offer a wide range of personal mortgages so what ever your need, we can help.

We are able to tailor packages to support individual needs whether you are looking to purchase, refinance or renovate a commercial premises. We have an extensive panel of funders who understands the needs of UK businesses and we have created an extended range of products to support your needs. While the overall cost of funding is required, we will look into all necessary criteria such as your business cash flow, when you require the funding, any deposit required and any clauses that may be applicable with the funders offer of finance. We use a clear and upfront approach which allows you to make informed decisions.

We provide funding solutions for:

  • Office, Retail and Commercial Units
  • Warehouses
  • Operating company/Property company deal (opco propco)
  • Professional Practices
  • Care Homes
  • Licensed premises and Hotels
  • Land and agricultural

Terms available:

  • Up to 30 year terms
  • Up to 80% loan to value or 100% funding with additional security
  • Interest only periods
  • Fixed and variable options
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Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance

With invoice finance you get the access to the funds that your business requires by unlocking the funds currently held in any outstanding invoices.

Your business pledges all of the invoices issued which the lender then used to make the funds available with a prearranged percentage added.

Invoice finance works perfectly for small businesses who either have limited or no book keeping/credit control in house. Factoring is usually disclosed to your clients with outstanding invoices collected by the factoring company.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting would be suitable for businesses that do have access to booking keeping or their credit control function and are able to collect/pursue outstanding debt. Invoice discounting is usually confidential, and outstanding invoices are collected by the business.

Selective and Spot Factoring

Selective / Spot Factoring allows your business to select specific invoices / debtors and raise funds for when you require them. With this, you are not contracted and can select when and how much you would like to factor. This is ideal for businesses that have specific or seasonal cash requirements.

Construction Finance

Construction finance enables you to access funds that your contracting or construction business requires by unlocking funds held within contracts. Construction finance has been developed specifically for supporting contracting and construction businesses to fund their everyday cash requirements. We understand that obtaining finance against contracts can be especially difficult so rework alongside mainstream and specialist providers who are able to free funds from contracts allowing you to carry on running your business. Construction finance works in an identical way to Invoice discounting.

Trade Finance

If you are exporting or importing, we can help you obtain the funds that your business requires.

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Personal Finance

Personal Finance

A personal loan is a loan that would be secured against your home or regulated bridging and could be used for a variety of purposes. If you have a commercial deal which has been down valued we could raise the difference on your residential property. You may be looking to consolidate your debts or improve your credit rating.

Regulated Bridging Finance

If you are looking for a short term personal finance loan to help with a residential property transaction, then bridging could be what is most suitable for you. Bridging is usually considered -

  • To provide can flow temporarily during a property transaction
  • If you are downsizing
  • If you are buying an unmortgageable property to renovate
  • If there is a risk that you may lose the home you are purchasing due to a problem in the chain e.g. someone dropping out.
  • To secure a property quickly whilst your current property is up for sale.

A bridge or a development finance requirement becomes a regulated deal when either the client or a relative has ever resided in the property or if they have any intention to reside in the future. The only exception to this would be a second charge loan which would be releasing funds to a business for business purposes.

Personal Loans

If you are thinking about planning a holiday, making some home improvements, purchasing a heavy price tag item for your home, changing your car or trying to consolidate debt, then a personal loan could be right for you. With a personal loan you could borrow a fixed amount over a fixed term and this usually comes with a fixed rate.

You could borrow between £500 and £35,000 up to and including 5 years. With a personal loan, your own credit history will determine the rate that you would pay with the majority of lenders carrying out a credit check when you apply for the loan.

Property Development Finance

If you are either new to property development or already have experience in this field, access to finance will always be an important part of any of your plans. We work with funders that have the capacity to finance varying types of developments including, but not limited to:

  • Apartments, flats and purpose built house in multiple occupation (HMO’s)
  • Commercial developments including offices and retail
  • Conversions of residential and commercial property (including permitted development rights)
  • Part completed developments
  • Single unit to multi-unit housing schemes
  • Student holiday developments

We understand that each development is a unique situation and searching for the most suitable funding package isn’t always straight forward. We offer a wide coverage of the United Kingdom, operating with both, mainstream and specialist providers who can deliver a tailor made package to fulfil your needs and requirements.

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VAT Financing

VAT Financing

We understand that cash flow is an essential part of all businesses so we know that managing large expenditures while still managing your business overheads could prove difficult. This is where a short term finance solution could help your cash flow to prevent your business from going through a cash flow drought.

Our VAT loan (also referred to as VAT funding or VAT bill funding) can allow you to utilise your working capital in other significant business areas.

VAT liabilities can be spread over 3 – 12 months. When your VAT demand is due each quarter our unsecured VAT loan spreads the cost into manageable payments and simple to apply for.

How a VAT loan works

  • You let us know how much your VAT liability is
  • We will then inform you of the amount of payments over a 3 month timescale
  • Draw down for each quarter can b arranged
  • This can continue for as long as you need the finance.

The benefits of a VAT loan

  • Competitive rates
  • A VAT loan helps to take pressure off of cash reserves
  • Helps to smooth cash flow through busy and quieter times
  • Quick and simple to set up
  • Fixed monthly repayments - no hidden costs
  • Can be paid directly to HMRC
  • Helps to retain working capital for other business areas
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